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Tenancy Sustainment and Support Service

This service works to reduce the number of people becoming homeless. Our team emphasises the importance of early intervention to prevent homelessness. The view of North West Simon Community is that prevention is the best cure to crisis situation.


  • We work with single people, couples and families
  • We accept referrals from the HSE and local authorities and other organisations who may have concerns about a service user and wishes to seek support on their behalf.
  • A tenancy sustaiment worker will meet with the prospective service user (and someone from the referring agency/organisation) to ensure that this service is what the client wants and that it can meet their expectations.
  • Anyone who wishes to avail of this service can also contact us directly

Service Provision

Staff works with service users to complete a broad and detailed needs assessment. A care plan is then devised in order to focus on the needs of the service user. Progress is evaluated regularly in order to ensure that the service user is attaining the goals that they identified under the care plan.

The length of engagement is restricted to a period of six to nine months. The approach of tenancy sustainment is to focus on practical ways to sustain tenancies, rather than seeking to solve all client problems.

For examples we support people around issues such as

  • Dealing with rent arrears and arrears with regard to utility bills
  • Budgeting and accessing the Money Advice & Budgeting  Service (MABS)
  • Accessing welfare entitlements and information on same through the Citizens’ Information Centres
  • Form filling
  • Addressing maintenance issues along with repairs and decoration
  • Physical and mental health
  • Addiction
  • Homemaking: assistance with personal care, housekeeping, shopping, and cooking
  • Support to access training and employment opportunities
  • Support to use time meaningfully and access leisure and social opportunities
The service does not aim to be all things to all people. We work in partnership with HSE Services for example Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Services, Addiction Services also County Council housing staff, FAS, MABS, CIC’s and other voluntary agencies such as St Vincent de Paul, Family Resource Centres, all of whom make contributions in the lives of many of our Service Users.